HICSS 2017

The Shidler College of Business and the University of Hawaii at Manoa jointly organized the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) from January 4–7, 2017. The track, “Decision Analytics, Mobile Services, and Service Sciences,” draws the service sciences community for presentations and discussions on the latest developments on research in this field.


Service science deals with the design, development, and managerial issues concerning ‘service systems,’ integrated, value-creating configurations of service providers, their clients, their partners, and others. The best-performing service systems are IT-enabled, customer-centered, relationship-focused, and knowledge-intensive - yet span multiple formal and informal organizations. Because of this multidisciplinary context, researchers and practitioners in management, social sciences, and computer sciences are all working to increase service innovation. These multiple perspectives can be unified using the theoretical construct of the service system, in which entities (people, businesses, government agencies, etc.) interact to co-create value via value propositions that describe dynamic re-configurations of resources. The framework of value creation in complex service systems, which requires elaborating various stakeholder perspectives and understanding the broad context of use for specific cases to enable effective value creation especially given advanced and autonomous technology, has emerged as the central unifying framework across many papers and presentations.